Universal Sauce / Gravy Ratio

Not a fan or reading recipe books I generally like to create my food based on ratios so that they are easy to remember and can be applied to a wider range of cuisine. This is what I’d like to call the Universal Sauce / Gravy ratio:

1:1:1 & flavour

1 cup of fluid:1 tbl spoon binding agent:1 tbl spoon fat

Too general? Here’s an example:

1 cup beef stock: 1 tbl spoon flour: 1 tbl spoon butter & curry powder

Here’s another:

1 cup milk: 1 cup flour: 1 tbl spoon butter & nutmeg

Want a clear looking gravy? Use cornflour instead.

The best way to combine the ingredients is to start melting the butter and flour together in a pot to create a “Roux“. Once that delicious ball of fat and flour has been created slowly add the fluid and bash with a whisk to break down the blobs of flour. Keep adding the fluid until desired consistency is reached. Keep in mind when the gravy cools it gets thicker.

Enjoy, Rinse pot & repeat!

Universal Sauce / Gravy paraphernalia