A mountain most glorious

What a way to start a Sunday! A good friend of mine invited me out for a ride to Mount Glorious. I am always apprehensive about riding there. Always too many riders, Boys in blue hiding in bushes, cyclists, warped road surfaces, leaves on the road, a combination of wet and dry surfaces, cars with baby on board stickers and the list goes on…

If you can push that all aside you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the ride. A dash through the twisty hilly roads in the crisp clean air; a place where you can do nothing else but gain riding confidence as you lean harder every time through every turn. Catch views of the ever expansive Wivenhoe dam as it disappears from view at a blinding speed!

People who preach mindfulness like a newfound religion always talk about the grand idea of “Living in the now”. Riding in these hills will force you to push all those unwanted niggling thoughts out of your head. This to a rider is the art of achieving zen; this is meditation in its most exciting form. It doesn’t matter what issues you’ve had during the week in the office or knowing what will happen when you get back home. You are focused on nothing but keeping those wheels on the ground worshiping the asphalt altar. Heaven or Hell can be around the next blind corner but you know that if you lean in with faith that a correct amount of torque and centrifugal force will keep you from becoming the next road rissole. You are forced to be entirely focused on one task – to stay upright!

View from Wivenhoe Outlook. The picture does not do it justice. Also a bit tricky to carry a DSLR while thundering up and down Mount Glorious!

At the top we stopped in for Coffee in the Rain forest. We recommend ordering the bucket of coffee.  Admittedly today was not about the riding 80km for coffee but about clearing our heads and having a bit of a laugh.

This is the fourth time I have ridden up and down Mount Glorious. Many have conquered this mountain a lot more times however it’s a great place to hone your road craft and shatter those nerves you had for the twisties. There’s always something new to look out for and you can either be afraid of the consequences of riding or know your limits and be vigilant to avoid them as best as you can.

Have fun, ride safe so I can hear your awesome riding stories 🙂

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